Social Media Manamgemt

The ubiquity of social media networks and tools has greatly impacted the relationship between brands and consumers. The marketing team is no longer the sole owner of the brand message; the role is now shared with end consumers.

With the emergence and adoption of review sites, blogs, status updates, video creation, micro blogging, and more, consumers have a myriad of ways to share their immediate thoughts about a brand or brand experience.

Crimson Cobalt Media enables our clients to not just “do” social, but to “be” social.

The brands that will ultimately be the most successful with their social media marketing endeavours will be those who understand that social media is not a standalone strategy—it is an essential element in brand communication. Core elements of social media marketing, such as awareness and advocacy, must be integrated into the foundation of the marketing strategy.

Crimson Cobalt Media’s social media marketing solution is structured to achieve results no matter where you are in the evolution of your social media marketing efforts. From Facebook and Twitter to blog outreach, onsite customer reviews, and more, Crimson Cobalt Media is well versed in driving audience interaction for brands.


Combine the huge market of social media users with the wide range of information held by social platforms and a real-time bidding model where you pay only for engagements—you have a marketer’s dream. But recognizing potential and understanding how to take advantage of it is not the same thing.

Paid advertising across social media APIs, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, is an integrated, cross-platform tactic providing vital support for all brand-related media activity.

Crimson Cobalt Media’s paid social team will work with your social media team to create a custom segmentation of your audience; using the power of social networks’ user data, we tighten the targeting to a laser focus and increase efficiency. Our messaging strategy will ensure that messages are fresh, engaging, and viral.

With our “social by design” approach, we don’t broadcast in a social space and alienate customers—we seed messages and amplify the stories people are telling about brands. We then use biddable media to make sure your brand’s voice is heard by the people you want to engage. As we track interactions in near real time, we are able to optimize activity every day.

Crimson Cobalt services include: