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DuPont Nutrition and Health Presents the First Ever Ice Cream Carnival to Ahmedabad

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DuPont Nutrition and Health Presents the First Ever Ice Cream Carnival to Ahmedabad

8th September 2018 | 3-10 pm | Alpha One Mall, Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India)

DuPont conducted a consumer activity primarily for its Ice-cream and Frozen Dessert clients in one of its top markets – Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat Aimed at introducing the consumers to the most innovative products, the Carnival encouraged its clients to offer products that were yet to be launched in the market at a subsidized cost.

On 8th September, a few of Gujarat’s top customers of DuPont customers delighted consumers with premium products and innovations. Ten customers offered more than 30 premium and innovative ice creams. Being the first of its kind, the ice cream carnival was a platform for DuPont’s continuous commitment to building and supporting India’s ice cream industry growth story. One of the event’s objectives was to receive direct feedback and an understanding of consumer preferences and their evolving taste palettes to develop new flavors and formats for the next season.

Promotional & Public Relations Plan

Making it a 360 campaign, Outdoor, Radio, and Digital media channels were chosen to ensure reach for the event. The pre-event Press release was added to the coverage. Major prominent regional and national media were invited to the event. The media experienced the Carnival first-hand and interacted with the customers, audience, and DuPont management to understand more about DuPont and the objective of the Carnival.


Consumer engagement quotient soared rocket-high with delicious ice cream contests and engagement activities. Children and families got the opportunity to participate in various fun games, making it a fun-filled evening. Several lucky contestants also won loads of freebies by participating in multiple activities at the carnival.


The venue was chosen keeping in mind the audience – Alpha One Mall attracts the most upmarket and happening crowd from Ahmedabad. Individual Canopies were set for each customer, along with a stage and activities area for contests and fun activities.

Participating Customers
Vadilal Enterprises Ltd.
Momai Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Kamboliwala Dairy (Fun India Dairy)
Khusbhoo Cool Products Pvt. Ltd.
Vimal Dairy Ltd.
Vimal Dairy Ltd.
Bharat Dairy
Mor N Rich
Sheetal Cool Products Ltd.
Man Mohak Ice-cream
Total No. of Attendees
Footfall was more than 3500+
Database Gathered
Name and Mobile nos. were captured for 1386 visitors.
Types of Engagement Activities
Contests etc. Quiz, Ice-Cream competition, Lucky draws.
Total No. of Winners of Contests
200+ Winners
Total No. of Giveaways
600+ giveaways were distributed during the activity, including vouchers and DuPont brand bags, amongst the audience and media.
Total No. of Media Present for The Activity
23, including Print and TV
Pre-Event & Post-Event Coverage
9 articles (Pre-event) and 14 articles post-event (12 – print and 2 TV)