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What is PowerPoint presentation design?

PowerPoint presentation designing refers to creating visually appealing and informative presentations using software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. It involves incorporating various design elements such as graphics, animations, and typography to communicate information to an audience effectively. Slide design aims to create a presentation that engages the audience, enhances the message conveyed, and delivers information clearly and concisely.

Our Services

CrimsonCobalt Services includes:
Presentation Designing & Management
Our Presentation Designing & Management service combines the expertise of our team to create visually captivating presentations customized to your brand and message. We handle every aspect of presentation management, from design and organization to ongoing support, ensuring your presentations are consistently engaging and up-to-date.
Presentation Consulting
Our experts can help you determine the best way to present your message. Our team can create visually appealing slides with unique graphics and animations. Our team can create visually appealing slides with excellent graphics and animations. We can work with you to organize your content, improve delivery, and create compelling visuals.
Presentation Re-designing
Make a lasting impression with our presentation re-designing expertise. We reimagine your presentations, transforming them into visually stunning creations that grab attention. With carefully crafted slide layouts, impactful graphics, cohesive color schemes, and refined typography, your presentations will stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impact.
Converting Presentations Into Videos
Transform your static presentations into dynamic and engaging videos. Our service seamlessly converts your existing slides into captivating video content, complete with animations, voiceovers, and music, enhancing the visual impact and accessibility of your message.
Presentation Distribution
We can help you distribute your presentations to the right audience. This may include sharing presentations through email, social media, or dedicated pressure.

Why PowerPoint presentation design is important?

Overall, slide designing can significantly enhance the impact and effectiveness of your presentations, helping you achieve your communication goals more effectively.

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Visual Appeal

PowerPoint presentation designing can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your presentation. An engaging and visually appealing presentation can capture your audience’s attention and increase their engagement and retention of the information presented.


PowerPoint presentation designing can help you communicate your message more effectively. A well-designed presentation can effectively convey complex information in a way that is easy to understand, enhancing the impact of your message.


PowerPoint presentation designing can help you save time and effort in creating presentations. By outsourcing the design work to a professional agency, you can focus on producing content and delivering your display while the agency handles the design work.


PowerPoint presentation designing can help you effectively showcase your brand and maintain consistency across your presentations. It can include using specific colors, fonts, and imagery consistent with your brand guidelines, helping reinforce your brand identity.


A well-designed presentation can give the impression of professionalism and competence. This can be important when presenting to potential clients, investors, or other stakeholders.

Why Choose CrimsonCobalt's PowerPoint Presentation Design Services?

There are several reasons why you should choose CrimsonCobalt Digital for your PowerPoint presentation designing needs:

Our team comprises experienced PowerPoint presentation designers who have created presentations for various industries and audiences. We have the expertise to understand your unique needs and develop presentations that effectively communicate your message.
We understand that every client is different and requires a unique approach to PowerPoint presentation design. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to your brand and message.
Attention to detail
We take pride in our attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your presentation is carefully crafted to enhance your message and engage your audience.
We are committed to delivering high-quality presentations that exceed your expectations. We use the latest design tools and techniques to create visually appealing, professional, and compelling presentations.
We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and work diligently to ensure that your presentations are completed on time and to your satisfaction.
Customer service
We believe in exceptional customer service and work closely with our clients to meet their needs throughout the PowerPoint presentation design process. Our team is responsive, communicative, and always available to answer your questions and concerns.

Our Approach

Our approach to PowerPoint presentation designing involves the following steps:

We start by learning about your goals, target audience, and message. This helps us understand your unique needs and develop a customized approach to PowerPoint presentation design.
Content Organization
We work with you to organize your content concisely and engagingly. We help you identify key points and develop a logical flow for your presentation.
Visual Design
Our designers create visually appealing slides that enhance your message and capture your audience’s attention.
We understand the importance of getting it right, so we offer revisions to ensure your presentation meets your expectations.
Once the design is approved, we finalize the presentation, deliver it to you in the desired format, and provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your presentation stays up-to-date.
We believe in working collaboratively with our clients throughout the process. We keep you informed and involved at every step, ensuring your needs and goals are met.

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Corporate Presentations

A corporate presentation typically aims to showcase a company in the most favorable way possible and is often the initial means of engaging with critical stakeholders. To achieve its intended purpose, it must be well-crafted, persuasive, and presented with a professional demeanor. We’re here to help make that happen!

Sales Presentations

When crafting an effective sales pitch, most salespeople would likely say that it consists of two key elements: a well-crafted set of slides and skillful delivery. While we’re here to help with the latter, it’s up to you to work on the former. By delivering a compelling sales presentation, you can shape how potential customers perceive both the benefits and drawbacks of your product or service.

Investor Pitches

To secure the resources required for scaling your business, it’s essential to persuade investors of your company’s enormous growth potential. A well-designed and comprehensive pitch deck can be instrumental in achieving this goal. If you’ve never developed a successful pitch deck, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Let’s collaborate and create a winning pitch that captures investors’ attention. Pitch, please!

Academic Presentations

Whether you’re a graduate student presenting for a course or a researcher delivering a presentation at a conference, the ability to deliver a compelling and well-prepared presentation is an invaluable skill for anyone in academia. Let’s start working on honing this skill together.

Frequently asked questions

Still unsure? Check our FAQ for clarity.

The preparation time for a 30-slide presentation is typically around 30-35 hours, considering the content creation and slide design process. However, the exact duration can vary depending on the industry and topic of the presentation.

A presentation cost starts at $30 per slide for a redesign project. For advanced presentations, the cost me go upto $45.For simple design improvements, the total cost for less than 20 slides and a standard delivery time of 5-7 business days can range from $600 to $900. An additional $250 may be added for every 10 slides. If a rush delivery is required, another $150 may apply.

Yes, most presentation planning agencies allow revisions to be made to the presentation after it has been created. It is essential to discuss the revision policy with the agency beforehand.

The final presentation can be provided in various formats, including PPTX, PDF, or video. It is essential to discuss the desired format with the agency beforehand.

Yes, many presentation designing agencies offer content creation services as part of their PPT designing packages. This may include copywriting, research, and other content-related services.

Presentation designing services typically include content organization, visual design, and presentation formatting. Some agencies may provide content creation, animation, and other advanced design elements.

Most presentation designing agencies allow for revisions after the presentation is complete. However, additional charges may apply for significant changes or corrections.

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