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CrimsonCobalt Digital provides digital marketing services and is an Indian social media brand storytelling agency. We are one of the few data-driven companies in India specializing in boosting your online presence and delivering tangible results. Our team of experts combines data-driven strategies with extensive industry knowledge. They help you achieve your social media marketing goals and drive business growth. Contact CrimsonCobalt Digital today to learn more about our comprehensive range of Offshore social media advertising services for US companies. Outsource social media content creation to India for US companies. Contact us now to know more about what we offer.

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How does Social Media Marketing work?

Social media marketing utilizes platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote businesses. Its objective is to enhance brand awareness, boost sales, and drive website traffic. A solid social media presence enables businesses to reach a broader audience and attain their marketing objectives.

Importance of Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing offers a range of benefits, including increased brand awareness, customer engagement, targeted advertising, influencer marketing, and valuable insights. It allows you to reach and engage with people interested in your products or services. Social media helps them get and connect with their target audience meaningfully.

Our Services

At CrimsonCobalt Digital, we provide comprehensive social media marketing services. We aim to help businesses establish a solid online presence and achieve their marketing goals.

Here’s how we deliver our services:

Strategy Development
First, we understand your business objectives, target audience, and more. Using this data, we create a social media marketing plan. The social media brand stories we craft align with your digital marketing strategies. Our marketing experts work rigorously towards achieving your goals and enhancing your visibility on the internet.
Content Creation:
We provide outsourced social media content creation to India for US companies. Our team of skilled content creators designs and develops engaging content, including blog posts for your social media platforms. This includes eye-catching graphics, captivating videos, and well-crafted copy that resonates with your target audience and encourages engagement.
Engaging Organic Social Campaigns
Discover content that deeply resonates with your audience. Establish a consistent posting schedule to optimize your social media impact. CrimsonCobalt Digital delivers high-quality, RO-focused social media campaigns to achieve your goals. Monitor engagement and interactions to enhance your strategy and effectively engage your followers.
Social Media Advertising
We open the power of social media advertising platforms to reach your target audience effectively. Our experts design and execute targeted offshore social media advertising services for US companies. We cover platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more, ensuring visibility and high conversion rates.
Community Management
We handle all aspects of community management, including monitoring and responding to comments, messages, and reviews on your social media channels. The CrimsonCobalt Digital team ensures timely and engaging interactions with your audience, fostering strong relationships and building brand loyalty.
Analytics and Reporting
We continuously monitor the success of your social media efforts. Our team provides a detailed report on critical metrics, engagement, and conversions. This includes reach and ROI, giving valuable insights into your social media marketing efforts.
Social Media Optimization
Social media constantly evolves, and we stay proactive in optimizing your campaigns. We monitor trends, analyze data, and adjust strategies and content to ensure continuous improvement and maximize results.
Data-Driven Paid Social Campaigns
With CrimsonCobalt Digital, you can harness the power of custom audience creation. Additionally, you can leverage split-testing ad copy to create high-performing social media ads. Our optimization services further enhance the performance of your paid social ads.
mplifying Your Efforts With Website Integration
Adding social widgets may provide website visitors quick access to your social media profiles. For increased engagement, add social buttons like “Share on Facebook” or “Pin This” to your website content.

Why is it important?

Social media marketing boosts brand awareness, engages customers, and drives website traffic and sales. Companies can achieve their marketing goals by using social media strategies. You can create a solid social media plan and stay informed about current trends and effective methods.

Social media marketing is essential for the following reasons:

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Increased brand awareness

Social media helps businesses reach more people and make their brand known by creating exciting content and engaging with followers. This helps companies be more visible and establish a robust online presence.

Improved customer engagement

Social media lets businesses connect with customers, answer questions, and get feedback. This builds better relationships and boosts customer loyalty.

Targeted advertising

Social media lets businesses target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. This helps companies reach the right people with the right message.


Social media marketing is cheaper than conventional advertising. Many social media platforms offer businesses free or affordable options to promote their content and reach more people.

Increased website traffic and sales

Promoting content and products on social media can help businesses drive more website traffic and sales. Social media can generate leads and drive conversions effectively.

Why Choose CrimsonCobalt's Service Over Others?

CrimsonCobalt Digital helps businesses boost their online presence and sales with expert social media marketing services.

Target audience identification
Our search agency works with the business to identify the target customer, including their interests, preferences, and social media habits.
Content creation
We create exciting content that matches the brand’s message and connects with the intended audience. This can include blogs, videos, pictures, and infographics.
Influencer marketing
Our Full- service digital marketing agency partners with influencers to endorse the business’s products or services to their followers.
Social media advertising
We can use social media ads to reach more people by focusing on their age, interests, and actions. The agency manages the community by monitoring and engaging with users on the business’s social media platforms. They respond to comments and questions and work on developing customer relationships.
Social media analytics
We use data tools to analyze social media campaigns, find improvement areas, and adjust strategies accordingly. We focus on our clients and work together to show their ideas in our social media plans. We believe in open communication, honesty, and responsibility to create lasting client connections.

Our Approach

Results-Driven Approach
Our agency adopts a results-oriented approach. We have a successful track record of delivering outcomes through social media marketing strategies. We use data to make personalized solutions. These solutions serve our client’s specific business objectives, resulting in measurable outcomes.
Expertise & Experience
Our skilled team in social media marketing stays current with industry trends and best practices to provide adequate services. This ensures that we can provide top-notch solutions to our clients.
Customized Solutions
At our company, we grasp the individual needs of each business and tailor our social media marketing approach accordingly. We design our tailored strategies to meet specific goals and exceed expectations. We achieve this through close collaboration for seamless integration.
Expensive Services
Our agency provides a comprehensive range of social media marketing services. These services include social media advertising, community management, analytics, and content development. We ensure complete coverage of our client’s social media marketing.
Client-Centric Approach
We emphasize our clients’ needs and collaborate to reflect their vision in our social media marketing strategies. We value communication, transparency, and accountability, which serve as the foundation for building long-term client relationships.

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Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions, please refer to our FAQ section for further clarity.

On average, a business must allocate approximately 6 to 10 hours per week to maintain its social media presence effectively. However, the exact time required may differ based on factors such as the specific needs and goals of the business. Nonetheless, it is essential to dedicate at least one hour daily to ensure continuous connection and customer engagement.

The costs associated with social media management can differ based on various factors, including the industry and the specific platform utilized. Businesses allocate a monthly budget of $1,000 to $5,000 for social media management. This budget covers expenses related to organic marketing efforts and advertising campaigns across one or more social networks.

Outsourcing to an Indian agency is often cheaper than working with a US digital marketing agency while providing integrated services. Plus, you benefit from integrated social media advertising and PR services in India.

Expertise, High-Quality Work, and Innovative Solutions: Indian agencies bring considerable expertise in social media marketing. When hiring, consider innovative social media branding solutions by Indian agencies. They deliver high-quality work with a commitment to excellence.

English Proficiency and Video Marketing: While choosing, you should shortlist innovative social media video marketing by an Indian company. Their marketing experts are renowned for their excellent English skills, enhancing your brand’s communication and engagement.

The following are some of the most well-liked social media channels for marketing: Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest YouTube Threads

To assess the effectiveness of your social media marketing, analyze essential metrics like engagement rate, reach, clicks, and conversions. Additionally, assessing the generated revenue can provide valuable insights into the impact of your social media marketing efforts. Additionally, several social media analytics tools are accessible to assist you in monitoring and analyzing your performance.

The frequency of social media posts can vary based on the platform and your audience’s preferences. Maintaining a regular posting schedule is advisable, ideally with at least one post daily on most media.

You can use various techniques to increase engagement on your social media posts. These include: Utilizing eye-catching visuals Asking questions Creating polls Hosting contests or giveaways Using hashtags Promptly responding to comments and messages.

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